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University of Nebraska Lincoln Case of the Killer Robot Questions

University of Nebraska Lincoln Case of the Killer Robot Questions

University of Nebraska Lincoln Case of the Killer Robot Questions


Read the fictional “Case of the Killer Robot” (link is in the Readings area). The main question your post should address is “Which characters have ethical responsibility for the death of Bart Matthews?” Please also respond to each and all of these points:

1)Which characters have some legal guilt in the death of Bart Matthews? Randy Samuels and Cindy Yardley

2)Is there a difference between ethical responsibility and legal guilt?

The characters that had some legal quilt in the death of Bart Matthews were Randy Samuels and Cindy Yardley. Yes, there is a difference between ethical responsibility and legal guilt. Legal guilt is what the prosecutor can prove that an offender did. This is determined by the court of law while ethical responsibility is the right path that a duty can follow or the power to know, interpret and take action basing on the principles and values.

How much input should a user have into the process of designing a computer system that they are going to use?

System design is the ways of defining the components of the architecture. The user should have as much input as they can get into the process of designing computer system that they are going to use because they are the ones who know the size of hardware they would want to use and the requirements of the security they would need.

Under what conditions would YOU be comfortable with the Robbie CX30 returning to service?

One will be comfortable with the Robbie CX30 returning to service when, first, the robot must be tested and retested to know if it is ready and secure for use. Two, an interface that is friendly to the user should be created. This is because most on the operators think that the interfaces have problems. Three, Silicon Techtronic’s must own to their mistakes or even remake the CX30 model. Four, training should be given to the operators so that they may be able to know and work well with the console of operations. Lastly, a lot of protection measures should be put to place where the work is being done.

In general, who should be held responsible for software that malfunctions and causes harm? Is faulty different from malicious?

The person or people who should be held responsible for software that malfunctions and causes harm should be those people who created the software itself. Faulty is different from malicious because faulty refers to the imperfection while malicious refers to the desire that someone has to cause another person harm.

What are some other situations in which bad code could cause harm?

The other situation in which bad code caused harm is the Marine Bugs Out, is where a programmer entered the wrong formula. The CIA Gives the soviets Gas, where the operatives of the CIA bugged the system of the computers of the Canadians and later sabotaged it so that its operations could fail. The five tests of Kallman and Grillo (as presented by Harry Yonder*) were useful in making ethical decisions. 

Are the five tests of Kallman and Grillo (as presented by Harry Yoder) useful in making ethical decisions?

Yes, it is ethical to do research aimed at improving artificial intelligence (AI) because the development of technology is the most important invention that has ever been made. One can also avoid the malefaction of the software that is being used.

What if the killer robot were instead a killer autonomous vehicle? Does that change any of the ethical considerations? How?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence that is being manifested or publicly displayed by software and machines. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a study done in the fields that studies the computers and the software of the computer where its behavior is satisfactory. The improvement that artificial intelligence (AI) would bring to a workplace prevalent capacity of enhancing efficiency that has been added, costs become low and the risks are lessened. In the meantime, the employees are well acquainted with the systems of the computers and the information is not left out. Here, tasks are finished even mush quicker than human employees and also, they are able to avoid errors that is committed by the human employees. Artificial intelligence makes employees become more encouraged and they are also able to do roles that are more creative.

The improvement that artificial intelligence (AI) would bring to everyday life is that it’s able to process very large numbers at a time when requested. Also, artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of creating the exact same picture that was made by a thought. If something went wrong with artificial intelligence (AI) then there will be economic, devastating and political effects. Also, their inner problem solving is usually difficult because their programs would be chocked, and their space will actually be extensively reduced.


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