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SYG 2000 PBSC Sociology of Social Systems Between Interaction & Society Questions

SYG 2000 PBSC Sociology of Social Systems Between Interaction & Society Questions

SYG 2000 PBSC Sociology of Social Systems Between Interaction & Society Questions


For all discussion questions, please provide:

  • One ORIGINAL Post of 250 words. Directly respond to the topic in your own words.
  • One PEER post to another student’s response. 100 words minimum each.
  • College-level writing.

Discussion 1

Describe what institutions you are a member of, and how these institutions provide you with (and perhaps inhibit you from) obtaining the values of our society.

Racheed Leveille

Some of the institutions that I am apart of include family, religion, and education. Each of these institutions did contribute to my well being in some ways. The first institution that has been with me from before birth would be family. My family has taught me the basic things I needed to know to continue living, and something common to most people, the family teaches morals and the idea of following rules. Without family, most people could fall into a state of anomie and become hopeless without a guiding light. However, they can inhibit success in some situations that may include being raised in a lawless family, and those that do not wish to teach morals and values to their young. Even though religion is not really considered an institution, like family, it has instilled morals and values into me from a very young age. Each session at church focuses on a different value that portrays humanity in a person and serves as a way to find a higher meaning to our existence. In the topic of education, from the time we begin schooling, it serves as a to attain a higher status in life. With that comes money and prestige, based off the fact that education leads to great occupations, which in turn leads to more money and reputation. Though this seems like the most plausible option for people to take to attain higher statuses, there is also the drawback in which some stages in education require money to continue schooling. This could be an obstacle for those who are from poor upbringings and makes most people settle for less instead of striving for more.

Discussion 2

Identify three organizations you belong to, and two manifest functions, and two latent functions these organizations perform for their members. In addition, indicate how one of these functions link together two of your organizations.

Natalya Reyes

One organization that I am apart of is my work. I work as a swim teacher but also a lifeguard at the same facility. There are many retired adults that come to the facility to swim laps. The manisted function is that we provide a safe place for people to swim and work out. We also provide a place for swim teams and other groups to use the facility safely. The latent function is that we provide a place were people who are retired can mingle with others. We also provide a spot where teenagers can be instead of getting into trouble. I also belong to my family. Our manifested function is that we support and love each other. The latent function is that we help others by inviting them into our family. The third organization that I am apart of is school. College is a wonderful place that has a goal of educating students for there future careers. The other goal is to help students find what future career is right for them. This organization has two latent functions. One function is that the school helps the economy. It provides jobs not only in the school but allows advanced jobs that require an education to exist. The other function is that it gives student drive during highschool. It gives students the drive to work hard in high school to be able to get into their dream college. Giving students drive is similar to the reason what the pool does for people. It unintentionally gives people the drive to work and move forward through life.

Discusion 3

Describe an organization in which you are a member, and describe the coercive roles you have (that is, the roles over which you have no choice but to do). Describe also what stigma, if any, you have because you are a member of this organization.

Rebecca Pomarico

Discussion 12

An organization that I am a member of is my family. A family is an example of formal organization, because they help one navigate through each social system. In my family I have the role of being a daughter. Being a part of my family means that I do have coercive roles. As a daughter I have to follow the responsibilities given by my parents, do well in school, and provide respect to my authorities. There is really no question on whether or not I have to follow these rules, it’s just understood. I don’t believe that there really is a stigma around being a daughter. I know that there is a stigma around my family as a whole. My family unit is not the typical unit, because my mom is a single mom. There is a stigma that these families struggle and don’t have much stability due to one income. My mom has struggled, but now is actually really comfortable and I believe breaks that single mom stigma.

Discussion 4

How would you test the truth or falsity of the stereotype that white people are racist. Be sure to indicate what types of questions or observations you would make, and which populations you would survey.

Caroline Sullivan

In order to test the truth or falsify the stereotype that white people are racist, there could be a lot of questions asked and a wide variety of populations who could be surveyed in order to find an answer to this question. First, you could ask an individual who is a member of the white community, a logical question to ask this individual might be: Do you find yourself racist? or a question along the lines of Do you believe that members of your ethnic community are deemed racist? This question allows a more broad variety of individuals who would fall under the “white community”. More often than not the answer to this question would be “no” as people who truly are racist do not even acknowledge the fact that they are indeed racist. due to the fact that more often than not I would expect the answer to this question to be no, I would further ask why or why not they believe what they do. Next, I would ask an individual of color if they feel as if white people are racist. After the individual answered this question I would dig further into the question and ask why or why not. If they believe that white people are indeed racist I might ask for an example wor an experience that they have had regarding this matter. In the twenty-first century, this question has been a hot topic as there have been many racial injustice incidents lately. I believe that no matter how many people are surveyed and what their answers might be, there is not one question or one answer that can truly decipher whether or not white people are racist as there are so many white people in the world and all have different viewpoints and follow different moral codes. I believe that everyone has their own opinion, one may believe that someone’s actions can be deemed racist while another individual may not find their actions racist. This is a tricky and controversial topic that I do not know if we will ever be able to truly have one universal answer to this question, however, in this instance, these are the steps I would take to start to narrow down my answer.

Discussion 5

Provide two definitions of social alienation from two different sources, such as your textbook and a journal article; show how either of these definitions applies to American society, and describe how either of these definitions of alienation occurs in your personal life.

Makayla Norlin

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: “Alienation, in social sciences, is the state of feeling estranged or separated from one’s milieu, work, products of work, or self.” Then from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ” The concept of alienation identifies a distinct kind of psychological or social ill; namely, one involving a problematic separation between self and other that properly belong together.”

I think these definitions of alienation are extremely relevant in American society in many different ways. American Society is centered around the American Dream and the ideology that education and wealth are the most prized possessions. I can definitely see how someone might feel estranged from our modern society of they do not have these values and are unable to relate to people in our society who do possess them. Someone might feel a sense of alienation from their work as they feel like they have no sense of pride in the work that they do and the social position they hold in society. I know personally I sometimes feel this way as I see people who I previously went to school with landing majorly successful jobs in their field that they studied in college and here I am as a college graduate still waiting tables and working 6 days a week just to struggle to make ends meet while they are off on lavish vacations. I struggle with trying to convince myself that I am just not there yet and I am not insignificant because I am not working in my chosen career yet but I definitely do feel a disconnect in my life in that aspect.

Discussion 6

What do you think was the most important concept or social fact you learned in this course, and why?

Jacob Richmond-Santiago

I believe that the most important social concept that I learned in this class was the concept of social values. To learn that there are social values associated with everything from people, to countries, to religion, was a little eye opening to me. Sure I knew that there were various different values associated with different people within American society but all of those values are still based around a premise that I can understand. That premise obviously being that of the American dream or the American culture and the values that other people have that I could understand all stemed from that culture and I did not see or know really, that there were any other types of values in the world. Values I have now learned vary from country to country and not everything that us as Americans do neccessarly has the same social value in Russia for example. Were as they would have harsher views on the world, we as Americans have different views. There view on the world (for most anyway) is that of a very structured on unfair world were nothing is even, were as in America the most famous phrase is you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it, I am sure in Russia that is not the same thing and that they most definitely do not believe that to be the case. Overall the idea that there were any values outside of anything not based in America, was fairly foreign to me before taking this class, and now that I have taken it I understand that values are different all over the world and just because you have expected values do not assume that another person from another country will have the same.

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