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SNHU In Stress Reducing Effects of Art in Pediatric Healthcare Analysis HW

SNHU In Stress Reducing Effects of Art in Pediatric Healthcare Analysis HW

SNHU In Stress Reducing Effects of Art in Pediatric Healthcare Analysis HW


Reviewthe module resources and overview, then select a popular cultureexample. (It can be a television show, a commercial, a game, a movie,etc.) Analyze the representation and social message that is associatedwith the example. If you like, you can select a particular episode of ashow.

In your initial post, briefly describe the popular culture example you selected and address the following:

  • Share a link and/or summarize your topic so that we all have enoughinformation to understand your discussion even if we are unfamiliar withthe example.
  • Discuss how your example relates to the concept of wellness asdefined in this course and how it relates to specific challenges orsupports of wellness.
  • What are the social implications of this message? Briefly discuss any potential social impact or response to the example.

In response to your peers, provide feedback about the example usedand the social message that was provided. Are there other messages beingrepresented?

Make sure you support your responses by referencing the module materials and any other sources if needed.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

peer 1

In Bones season 1episode 20 “The Graft in the Girl” it is about the FBI directorsdaughter, who is a teenager, who gets a bone graft from a 60 year oldcancer patient and now is dying of cancer herself. Booth, Bones, and herteam discover this information and that the original information aboutthe graft was a lie and was illegally harvested. The culprit wasdiscovered and arrested and other recipients of the donor had a scan tocheck for cancer as well. The daughter, Amy Cullen, was a lover of artand drew to help herself through her treatments. Angela, an artist andco-worker of Bones, made a VR of the Louvre so that Amy could experiencethe “masters” art work herself.

When a person is physically sick it take a lot out a person bothmentally and emotionally as well. Being stuck in a hospital for days,weeks, months, and even years is draining on a persons spirt. Havinghope can be hard at times and having something that brings joy to youcan be even harder in that type of environment. Small things like beingstuck in a hospital at the holidays and being allowed a very smallChristmas tree or lights can lift your spits 100 fold. For childrenbeing allowed to color, draw, or paint allows them a small amount oftime where they get to forget that they’re sick and get to enjoy theexperience. Child life specialist are the very special people who helptheir pediatric patients have this “break” and have hope. Having theability to have distractions by individuals who care and love thepatient is sometimes enough to increases wellbeing in mental, emotional,and physical aspects. Even in the study by Eisen, Ulrich, Shepley,Varni, & Sherman (2008), they discovered that children did have apreference with art styles but those hospitalized (non-chronic)preferred the social care aspect of loved ones and child lifespecialist, however they did state that with chronic patients having an”art cart” would be an added benefit to the social aspect. This proversthat different types of patients have different types of needs, but bothneed support and distractions.


Hanson, H., & Bookstaver, S. (2006). The graft in the girl. Josephson, Far Field Productions.

Eisen, S., Ulrich, R., Shelley, M.,Garni, J., & Sherman, S. (2008). In stress-reducing effects of artin pediatric healthcare: Art preferences of healthy children andhospitalized children. Journal of Children Healthcare, 12(3), 173-190. Retrieved from1367493508092507

Peer 2

The television series, Stranger Things

is set in the 80s that begins with supernatural events that where

connected to the disappearance of a young boy (Will) (Wikipedia, 2016).

Later, a girl (Eleven) with psychokinetic abilities helps find the boy

and fights off the Upside Down. The Upside Down is not visible unless

you are in it which makes it even more fearful. Eleven was part of

scientific research which was what caused her to have these abilities.

Later seasons include the Mind Flayer with children fighting off forces

of darkness all while trying to be normal teenagers (Wikipedia, 2016).


Things such as a social anxiety and obstacles to overcome in thisseries, and not to mention almost every teenager’s life, impactwellness. Will develops PTSD after he is freed from the Upside Down andhe is also mentally tortured, leaving him very vulnerable. Eleven alsosuffers from PTSD from her being tortured in a lab and trying to findher true identity. Some of our readings, states that the benefits ofarts include restring sense of identity (Ettun, Schultz, & Bar-Sela,2014). This could benefit Will and Eleven immensely. The socialimplications are related to how traumatic events can continue toinfluence how someone is feeling and how they will react. The presenceof the Upside Down created fear just like many of us may be afraid incertain situations.


Ettun, R., Schultz, M., & Bar-Sela, G. (2014). Transforming Pain into Beauty: On Art, Healing, and Care for the Spirit. Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM) , 1-7. doi:

Netflix. (2016). Stranger Things. Retrieved from Netflix:

Wikipedia. (2016). Stranger Things. Retrieved from Wikipedia:

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