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SIU Nutraceuticals Essay

SIU Nutraceuticals Essay

SIU Nutraceuticals Essay


Nutraceuticals – Atlanta, GA.

  1. Title page–dominated by the name of the project–the name of the client organization, the name of the research firm, and the date of the report.
  2. Table of Contents–should not exceed one page and should list the major sections of the report with the page numbers.
  3. The Executive Summary (*)–is the most difficult part of the report to write–must be succinct–cover the key findings and any recommendations that flow from the findings. Should be 2-4 pages maximum, yet many researchers find it difficult to summarize all of the findings into such a small space.
  4. Background–sets the context for the research and addresses such things as the overall goal of your Marketing Plan and the decisions that need to be made, the company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding the main goal to be reached.
  1. Situation Analysis

Macro-Level External Environment

Political and Legal




Competitive Environment

The threat of New Entrants

Rivalry among Existing Firms

The threat of Substitute Products

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Internal Environment

Firm Structure

Firm Culture

Firm Resources

SWOT Analysis > List and explain no less than five (5) SWOTs. Furthermore, based on the SWOT analysis, list and explain no less than three (3) SOs, WOs, STs, and WTs as follows:

SO Based Strategies

WO Based Strategies

ST Based Strategies

WT Based Strategies

6. Market Research

Detailed and supported findings

7. Marketing Goals and Objectives



8. Marketing Strategies

Mission, Vision, Values

Product-Market Combinations

Market Segmentation, Target Marketing, Positioning

Segmentation-detailed and supported explanation of your segmented market.

Target Marketing-detailed and supported explanation of your target market (by default the demographic segment is ‘Hispanic’ and the geographic segment has been already assigned to you or your group).

Positioning-detailed and supported explanation of how you are positioning your product within your target market.

9. Marketing Mix Strategies

Product/Branding Strategies- Detailed description of your product(s) that must be a) all 100% natural, b) all 100% organic (non-GMO), c) all 100% vegan (non-animal product), d) all 100% gluten-free, and e) all 100% toxin-free!

Also, your product(s) must include features such as a) high and fast Absorption and Bioavailability (close to 90%-95%), b) high purity and potency, and c) high concentration.

Both, 1) CBDs (Cannabidiols) and 2) CBNs(Cannabinols) must contain THC with levels of < 0.3%, must be ‘Non-Psychoactive,’ and must be derived from Hemp (a ‘cannabis’ plant with high levels of CBD but low levels of THC) not from the

Moreover, all products must include: 1) a Certificate of Analysis (also known as a COA) and 2) Third-party laboratory reports backed by studies performed by American and European universities and research institutes to support your claims.

Pricing Strategies- 1) CBDs $##/10 ml and 30 ml? – 2) CBNs $##/10 ml and 30 ml? – 3) Nutraceuticals (Vitamins and Supplements) $##/10 ml and 30 ml?

Supply Chain Strategies- must be focused on a ‘non-virtual’ ‘non-Internet’ delivery but ‘traditional’ face-to-face store.

Promotional Strategies- be creative!

10. Implementation

Marketing Action Plan for Initial Launch

Monthly Sales Forecast to End of First Year

First-Year Budget

Marketing Control and Metrics

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

11. Contingency Planning

Marketing Action Plan for Initial Launch

Product and Service Strategies

  1. Conclusions

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