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Rasmussen College Should Not Privatize Prisons Discussion

Rasmussen College Should Not Privatize Prisons Discussion

Rasmussen College Should Not Privatize Prisons Discussion



Use collaboration techniques to correct written documents.


Show your ability to analyze, correct, and revise the following rough draft, giving your input on the revision necessary to improve the quality of this essay. You will show successful completion of this deliverable by:

  • Providing feedback for corrections/alterations using the Comments feature in Word (Review tab).
  • Respond to the six questions at the end of the student rough draft linked above.
  • Use complete sentences in all of your responses.

Grading Rubric







Not Submitted

No Pass





Submission Format

Not Submitted

Student’s Word file is not submitted in APA formatting with cover sheet.

Student’s Word file and cover sheet in APA formatting contains major errors.

Student Word file and cover sheet is submitted in APA formatting attempted with minor errors of omission.

Student’s Word file and cover sheet are submitted for this assignment completely & correctly formatted in APA.

Student’s evaluation of Author’s use of resources

Not Submitted

Student fails to note that fewer than five resources were used and/or that they are not from credible academic resources from RAS online library.

Student notes if five resources used but does not note that some are from dictionary, Wikipedia, commercial sales sites and/or Blogs considered unsuitable, or not current.

Student notes if five resources are used mostly from current & credible academic databases or eBooks, but fails to note that not all pertain to the essay topic.

Student notes if all resources are included and if they are from credible, current academic resources as instructed.

Student offers analysis of the Author’s working thesis for the persuasive essay

Not Submitted

Question about the thesis is considered, but student’s observations are incorrect or unclear as to discussion of the persuasive topic and reason for writing.

Student undertakes critique of writer’s working thesis; however, answer does not note lack of clearly persuasive position for the paper and/or discuss a better option.

Student remarks that working thesis is provided and contains slightly persuasive position; however, omits offering substantive replacement statement for persuasion.

Student notes that working thesis is shown and then offers revision steps to clearly indicate persuasive position and clarify reason for writing.

Student offers consideration of the APA formatting of the essay

Not submitted

No attempt at identifying errors and re-organizing student’s APA reference list is evident or question answered.

Student recognizes errors in in-text citations and reference list, but attempt at re-organizing into an APA Reference list contains all resources, but the list is not correctly redone.

Organization of reference list of resources for the paper is almost complete and in-text citation errors are noted; however, some errors in APA usage are evident.

An organized effort to correct incorrect in-text citations and references list of resources is completed in correct APA formatting

Student offers examination of essay’s major supporting details and minor supporting details

Not submitted

Incomplete consideration of major & minor supporting details for thesis fails to note any re-organization of major or minor supporting details needed for working thesis.

Student recognizes that major supporting details are incomplete and/or some are not connected to the thesis, but fails to offer possible corrections.

Student notes that essay contains a few errors of organization and offers some corrections, but not good ideas of revision of supporting details to better support the thesis.

Student notes errors of support in major details that do not connect to support for the thesis and offers valid corrections.

Student responds to the Questions

Not submitted

Questions were overlooked and are not discussed, or sentences and mechanical errors abound. Some questions are not correctly answered with revision in mind.

Student notes omission of details in most instances, but does not consider all and does not show clearly how to correct this essay. Some grammatical errors evident that are not overly intrusive to meaning of the exercise.

Student’s discussion noting points of support missing, but does not cover all of them, or shows a very few errors in sentences and question answers that do not seem to obscure the meaning.

Student notes omission of well written and some inaccurate details and errors included and offers corrections. No grammatical or mechanical errors evident in good variety of sentences that use transitions effectively to discuss the paper & answer questions asked.

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