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PSYC4000 University of Louisiana at Monroe APA Format Quiz

PSYC4000 University of Louisiana at Monroe APA Format Quiz

PSYC4000 University of Louisiana at Monroe APA Format Quiz


Question 1

APA format is a set of guidelines published every year by the American Psychiatric Association.

Select one:



Question 2

Match the main sections of an APA format report:

Describes how the study was conducted in enough detail for others to replicate the study and tells how data was analyzed

Answer 1

Discussion, method, abstract Introduction, or results

summarizes the entire manuscript briefly

Answer 2

Discussion, method, abstract Introduction, or results

presents the statistical analyses performed on the data

Answer 3

Discussion, method, abstract Introduction, or results

explains the results of the study in words, with conclusions about the results

Answer 4

Discussion, method, abstract Introduction, or results

Describes previous research and the rationale for the current study

Answer 5 Discussion, method, abstract Introduction, or results

Question 3

The results section of your paper should carefully describe the meaning of your findings, it should not just state the findings.

Select one:



Question 4

In an APA paper, it is important to directly quote many researchers so that the science will be discussed in the exact words it was written in.

Select one:



Question 5

An APA format paper should cite many previous studies and references.

Select one:



Question 6

Which of these is an example of the why the APA recommends using non-biased language?

Select one:

a. biased language is often offensive

b. biased language often has negative connotations

c. biased language does not recognize the contribution of research participants to the research process

d. biased language is often not specific enough to give proper information (for example: mentally ill is a general term)

e. all of these demonstrate the need to use non-biased language

Question 7

Which of the following is a low-level style error in APA format?

Select one:

a. failing to cite previous literature

b. using biased language

c. Not capitalizing headings correctly

d. Failing to have all the major sections of a research paper

Question 8

How is the list of references arranged in an APA format paper?

Select one:

a. alphabetically by first author

b. In order of appearance

c. alphabetically by title of journal

d. alphabetically by title of paper

Question 9

In a single APA style reference, what order are the authors of each paper listed?

Select one:

a. alphabetically

b. in the order they appeared on the publication

Question 10

In an APA reference, how is the title of the article capitalized?

Select one:

a. Only the first word is capitalized, unless there are proper names in the title

b. All words of the title are capitalized

c. All words are capitalized except for words such as “and,” “of,” “by,” etc.

d. Only the authors’ names and journal name appear in the reference

Question 11

In an APA style reference, the DOI number should be included if available.

Select one:



Question 12

If I want to cite/refer to a book in my paper, I should look at the specific APA format for books and book chapters, as it is not identical to the format for journal articles.

Select one:



Question 13

Which of the following is a correct way to cite a 1993 paper by Smith and Smith within a sentence? Only one answer is correct.

Select one:

a. Smith and Smith (1993) said psychology is great.

b. In 1993, it was demonstrated that research is great (Smith).

c. Smith and Smith (Smith, 1993) said psychology is great.

d. Research shows psychology is great (1993).

Question 14

When are you allowed to use “et al.” in a citation?

Select one:

a. Never, it is no longer allowed to use this abbreviation

b. When there are six or more authors, every time

c. When there are more than 4 authors, but only at the end of the paragraph

d. When there are more than two authors

Question 15

Which of the following should not appear on the title page of an APA manuscript?

Select one:

a. the abstract

b. running head

c. all authors

d. institutional affiliation

Question 16

Which is true of the literature review of an APA manuscript?

Select one:

a. It does not have to state all sides of the issues you are studying, only the side you are testing

b. It is part of the introduction

c. It is an unstructured analysis of around 5 research articles

d. It is part of the discussion

Question 17

Which of the following is not a subsection of the “Method” section of an APA format manuscript?

Select one:

a. design

b. materials

c. participants

d. hypothesis

Question 18

Where do Tables appear in an APA format manuscript?

Select one:

a. between the results and the discussion

b. on the next page of text after they are first mentioned

c. after the references

d. on the same page of the text in which they are first mentioned

Question 19

I can learn everything I need to know by looking at an sample APA format paper, without every looking up specific formatting issues in the style manual or online.

Select one:



Question 20

Which of the following is a way the APA format of a review article may differ from an empirical article?

Select one:

a. different citation styles are used

b. section headings may be based on the topics covered and do not include they standards sections (i.e. intro, method,…)

c. there is no abstract

d. The title page must state the major section headings

Question 21

APA format does not cover conference presentations or posters.

Select one:



Question 22

Which is true of a poster presentation?

Select one:

a. It should be presented in a clear, easily read format

b. Professional conferences do not have poster presentations

c. Graphs and tables are considered distracting on posters

d. It should be as detailed as a paper manuscript

Question 23

Which of the following is true of oral presentations at conferences?

Select one:

a. They are considered informal and unstructured

b. They are typically structured as an APA style research report

c. They do not generally present visual aids such as graphs

d. The author/presenter should have as many powerpoint slides as possible

Question 24

When you write an APA format paper with multiple authors in which each author did a different amount of work on the project, how is the order of authorship determined? (Who gets to go first?)

Select one:

a. The most senior author (professor, graduate student,…) is always first

b. APA discourages multiple authorship

c. Order of author is determined by contribution, or amount of work done on the entire research project

d. Order of author is generally alphabetical

e. Order of author is determined by contribution to the paper alone



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