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New Mexico State University Mental Health First Aid Program Evaluation Essay

New Mexico State University Mental Health First Aid Program Evaluation Essay

New Mexico State University Mental Health First Aid Program Evaluation Essay


This the outline

The program that we are evaluating is the mental health first aid certification training’s

i. Title Page

ii. Introduction:

1. Evaluation Purpose

a. What does this evaluation strive to achieve?

b. What is the purpose of this evaluation?

c. How will findings from the evaluation be used?

2. Stakeholders

a. Who are the stakeholders for thisevaluation?

b. What role did they play in developing or implementing this individual evaluation plan?

iii. Description of the program that is being evaluated:

1. Intended use: General purposes of the evaluation

2. Intended users: Who will have access to evaluation results

3. Logic Model of the program (this can be done in as a chart and included in text; all other charts, graphs, tables, etc. must be in the appendix)

a. Resources/Inputs: What resources are available to support the evaluation process (staff, money, space, time, technology)

b. Activities: What specific activities are planned to achieve the outcomes?

c. Outputs: What products are produced as a result of the activities performed?

d. Outcomes: What are the program’s intended outcomes?, What changes are expected as a result of your activities?, What occurs between the activities and the expected outcomes of the program?

iv. Evaluation Design:

1. Evaluation Questions

a. What specific questions do you intend to answer through this evaluation?

b. Refer to the levels of evaluation

2. Stakeholder Needs

a. Who will use the evaluation findings?

b. What do they need to learn from the evaluation?

3. Evaluation Design

a. What is the design for this evaluation? (e.g., experimental, pre-post with comparison group, time-series, case study, post-test only)

b. Why was this design selected?

v. Data Collection:

1. Data Collection Methods

a. Will new data be collected/compiled to answer the evaluation questions or will secondary data be used?

b. What methods will be used to collect or acquire the data?

c. Will a sample be used? If so, how will the sample be selected?

d. How will data collection instruments be identified and tested?

e. How will the quality and utility of existing data be determined?

f. From whom or from what will data be collected (source of data)?

g. How will the data be protected?

2. Data Collection Method – Evaluation Question Link

a. How does each data collection method relate to the evaluation questions proposed?

vi. Data Analysis and Interpretation:

1. Indicators and Standards

a. What are some measurable or observable elements that can tell you about the performance of what is being evaluated?

b. What constitutes “success”? (i.e., by what standards will you compare your evaluation findings?)

2. Analysis

a. What method will you use to analyze your data (e.g., descriptive statistics, inferential statistics)?

3. Interpretation

a. Who will you involve in drawing, interpreting, and justifying conclusions?

vii. Communication and Reporting

1. Which evaluation stakeholders will you communicate with and why (e.g., update on status of evaluation, invite to meetings, share interim or final findings)?

2. What methods (e.g., in-person meetings, emails, written reports, presentations) will you use to communicate with evaluation stakeholders?

3. Why are these methods appropriate for the specific evaluation stakeholder audience of interest?

viii. Evaluation Management

1. Evaluation Team

a. Who will implement this evaluation?

b. What are your/their qualifications?

2. Data Collection Management

a. What data will be collected?

b. What activities are needed to carry out the data collection successfully? When should each of these activities be completed?

c. Who is responsible for conducting eachactivity?

3. Data Analysis Management

a. What data will be analyzed, how, and when?

b. Who is responsible for conducting the analyses?

4. Communicating and Reporting Management

a. What are the target audiences for reporting the progress made on the evaluation and/or evaluation findings?

b. What is the purpose of the communications with this audience?

c. What is the most appropriate type of communication method to use with this audience, for this purpose?

d. When will the communication take place?

5. Timeline

a. When will planning and administrative tasks occur?

b. When will any pilot testing occur?

c. When will formal data collection and analysis tasks occur?

d. When will information dissemination tasks occur?

6. Evaluation Budget

a. What is the cost for this evaluation?

b. Where will the monetary resources come from to support the evaluation?

c. Are any in-kind, volunteer, or partner resources being contributed?

ix. References

x. Appendix

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