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MC 411 LSE Media & Globalization Networked Digital Communication Discussion

MC 411 LSE Media & Globalization Networked Digital Communication Discussion

MC 411 LSE Media & Globalization Networked Digital Communication Discussion


Summative (Final) Essay worth a very large portion of my grade so it is important to follow guidelines and answer the question and topic of the paper! I will provide the question and topic of the paper below along with my position for this paper and several readings, lecture slides, and notes for references below as well as instructions for the paper. Please send me an outline for the paper first to make sure that I understand and agree with the points and how the position will be argued before writing the paper.

Question: In an age of networked digital communication, media imperialism is no longer a concern. Discuss.

Position: I would like disagree with this statement – media imperialism is still a concern, even during the age of networked digital communication.

Examples for this paper/outline can come from any or all of the readings provided below as well as any other additional relevant and scholarly readings found online. If listing quotes and/or references to readings, please provide appropriate page numbers (use as many readings as possible)!

The outline can just be a general preview of how the paper will be organized and include the thesis statement and how the three main points will be argued. The thesis statement should look something like: “In an age of networked digital communication, media imperialism is still a concern due to Point A, Point B, and Point C”.

The paper needs to be written in MLA format using examples and references from texts and readings (which I will provide). Examples for this paper/outline should come from any or all of the readings provided below as well as any other additional relevant and scholarly readings found online. It should be 3,000 words in length including footnotes and excluding references. It should also be appropriately and correctly referenced using a standard bibliographic format. The paper should be 5-8 paragraphs (Introduction, 3 main points with 2 paragraphs per point, and Conclusion). Please make sure that the thesis statement previews the main points of the paper and how the question itself will be answered. This is imperative.

Notes from Professor regarding this paper:


Clear introduction in which you identify clear thesis statement and the steps you will take to answer it

Main body of text: 3-4 clear points that help you make you thesis statement

Clear conclusion in which you sum up central argument, justify why you have made it, outline why it is important for global media and communications

Define key concepts!

At start of essay

Framed and situated in the literature

Reading & Research

Make sure you move beyond each week’s set texts – this will help you build on the arguments we have explored in class

Aim is for you to develop your own critical analysis that build on but importantly goes beyond points discussed in class

At a minimum consult with the recommended readings – you also get marks for showing you have conducted your own research and reading to generate you own literature review into relevantscholarship (i.e. work in global media and communications)


As above, aim for critical rather than descriptive points – contextual, specific, and justified arguments, rather than vague or descriptive claims

You must use academic evidence to support your claims

Including empirical material is good, but must be supported by academic evidence – case studies should not replace the engagement with the relevant academic texts and theories

Case studies should be used in a way that allows you to apply your argument to the ‘real’ world – they should not replace your engagement with the literature

Anticipate adversaries – engage critically with your own argument


Avoid informal language (e.g. “don’t” always should be “do not”, “it’s” always should be “it is” etc.).


All quotes (direct or paraphrased) need a page number

Make sure the style you select is consistent

Any web materials (from news media for eg) need date you last accessed them

Journal articles need article title, author name, year of publication, name of journal, volume and issue number, and article page numbers

Any books need author name(s), year of publication, book title, place of publication, publisher

Guidelines for this paper state:

“The emphasis in the essay should be on analysis and critical understanding; avoid excessive description and long narrative.

Do not make the essay a summary of your notes. Focus on the theoretical argument, drawing on notes to fill out the substance of the essay.

Avoid a colloquial or casual style and adopt an academic style of writing. An academic style will aim for accuracy, logic and analysis. An exciting presentation of what you believe to be the case rather than what the literature supports will not compensate for the absence of accuracy, logic and analysis.

Include an introductory paragraph indicating how you will interpret the essay question, why this is an important or significant issue, and how the essay will provide an answer. Define key concepts as you use them and refer back to the question so that the essay is focused.

It is generally helpful to provide some detailed examples of the issues discussed. Case studies are sometimes appropriate, but these should be carefully justified and not dominate the essay. Consider alternative arguments or contradictory evidence that may raise problems for your argument and indicate how you might resolve these issues.

A methodological focus may be included: eg, what empirical difficulties are involved in addressing the question or operationalising concepts? Or a historical focus: how has the problem changed over time or how have people previously attempted to address the question? Decide what your focus is and do not attempt to include all possible approaches.

Include a concluding section in which you reflect upon the arguments and issues discussed in the body of the essay and link these back to the essay question. This conclusion may also refer forward to future developments in research and in society.

Include a complete bibliography at the end of the essay. The bibliography should follow a standard system of referencing consistently so that the reader can retrieve the texts cited. This means that author, title, date and place of publication, publisher and (in the case of journal articles and book chapters) page and volume numbers must be cited correctly.”

Thank you!!

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