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Lynn University Waste Management in Urban Nigeria Research Project

Lynn University Waste Management in Urban Nigeria Research Project

Lynn University Waste Management in Urban Nigeria Research Project


For this research project, you will explore situations of marginalization and the related social entrepreneurial efforts to bring about justice. Specifically, you will select ONE country OTHER than your own (developed or developing) and will write a detailed, analytically written essay, in which you: 1) discuss what form(s) of marginalization and inequalities are visible in the country of your choice; 2) using theoretical knowledge obtained from your iBook readings (and other relevant class material such as videos if applicable), explain the potential reason(s) behind these form(s) of marginalization; 3) discuss what social entrepreneurial efforts, if any, have been implemented to solve the inequalities you explored; 4) discuss what other social entrepreneurial efforts, if any, could be pursued and how; and 5) why does this all matter globally?

Please note that your essay must give equal attention to these five main areas of inquiry, must be academically written in third person, and grounded in both credible research and theoretical knowledge acquired throughout the semester to support your points. Indeed, the final research project essay is a case study analysis and NOT a product of your own personal opinion.

Suggested Basic Structure:

  • Introduction
  • Should have an introduction to the overall topic followed by thesis statement that relates to what your country is and what form(s) of marginalization are visible in your selected country.
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • You get to pick your theories and supporting material for this one. Here is where you relate at least three (3) iBook readings in detail to your content to explain the potential reason(s) behind these inequalities you found.
  • Detail why is the marginalization happening?
  • Discuss what are the causes or reasons for it?
  • Existing social entrepreneurial efforts in place
  • Who is doing what with respect to social entrepreneurship in these two countries to help reduce this/these form(s) of marginalization?
  • Describe these social entrepreneurs, their social entrepreneurial ventures and their operations?
  • Have these social entrepreneurial efforts been successful; that is, has justice been achieved in the realm of the social issues they are attempting to tackle? Why or why not?
  • If there are no efforts in place, explain what could be the reason for this and support your points with materials from your iBook and other course content as needed in addition to your own research findings.
  • Future social entrepreneurial efforts, if any
  • What other type of social entrepreneurial efforts, if any, could be pursued and how?
  • Global relevance
  • Why does this matter?
  • What is the global relevance of the form(s) of marginalization you noted in your own selected country for the rest of the world in relation to justice, freedom, and equality?
  • Conclusion
  • Restate your thesis in different words and connect your research to the broader social context.
  • References
  • Should be alphabetized, double spaced, and hanging indents should be used.

NO Contractions (can’t, won’t, don’t, etc…)
NO First Person writing
NO MORE THAN ONE DIRECT QUOTE (3pts off per each extra quote you use).

Remember to IN-TEXT CITE your sources. Papers with no in-text citations will receive an automatic zero. In-text citations should match what is on your reference page.

The assignment components must be submitted via Canvas by the deadline to be considered for full credit. In case you are experiencing a technical difficulty, you must submit these to the instructor via email to prove timely submission while you contact IT to work out Canvas-related difficulties. Items then must be submitted via Canvas to be assessed. Submission via email will serve only as proof of timely completion but will not be assessed until the items are uploaded to Canvas.

Papers should be 8-10 pages in length, APA format, Times New Roman, 12pt font, and double spaced. You must submit via Canvas. Minimum of five (5) academically valid sources.

Title page, abstract page, and references are required and DO NOT count towards the page count.

Reminder: Your assignments will automatically be submitted to TurnitIn when you submit them in Canvas. Therefore, I highly recommend that you submit each assignment a day or two early to help you determine if all material has been properly cited. This will provide enough time for you to correct any citation errors that may occur. If you need help understanding the TurnitIn report, please contact me in a timely manner.

Remember that I am one of your resources; come see me or contact me early and often for additional assistance with your research project!

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