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ISU The Film The First Blood by Sylvester Stallone 1982 Presentation

ISU The Film The First Blood by Sylvester Stallone 1982 Presentation

ISU The Film The First Blood by Sylvester Stallone 1982 Presentation


This assignment is a powerpoint presentation of a film music course. For this one, you have to watch the film Rambo: First Blood. This film is about one hour and a half long, and you can find it when google watch Rambo:first blood online free

  1. Presentation of Project. (100 pts, 6-8 well structured minutes, to be presented to the class). Your presentation should include:
    • A brief basic introduction to your film (year, director, composer, key plot elements, characters, etc.). Your presentation should assume no prior knowledge of the film from your audience. Do your best to succinctly orient your listener to the key information needed to understand the argument (thesis) you are making about the music.
    • A statement of your main point or thesis (see above)
    • A presentation of your supporting analysis of the films music. This must include at least two highly focused “close readings” different points in the films. You should include short video examples that support your close readings. (Make sure your analysis remains the main future of your presentation; even a 15-30 second clip can be enough to help your audience understand what you mean.) You will need to decide which slices of the film provide the best support for your main point/thesis.

    So for the close-reading analysis of the film, basically is that after you watch the film, you select at least two brief scenes, break them down into tiny time slots and analyze the musical component and style within those, I will attach a sample below

Below is an example of a selection of a brief scene of the film Citizen Kane, the thing you need to do is to do the similar thing for this for two scenes, time slow, actions that is going on during that time period, music, and meaning





51:50 – 52:42

Mr.Leland starts to tell the reporter about Kane’s marriage, starting with:’it was a marriage just like any other marriage.” During this scene, the couple is just married and are happily having breakfast together.

We hear some descending tone played by some sort of woodwind, low registered sound, not loud. We hear some low registered sound of probably French horn. Then followed by descending scales of oboe. Then the remainder is violin solo, the string’s sound makes it feels like a scene of love, but still contains a melancholy feeling. We can hear a progressing melody, but I think it is like in a minor scale, so that the overall feeling contains sadness although at this scene their marriage is still happy.

The descending tone and minor scales and the use of instruments with low registered sounds suggests their marriage would not be always this happy, foreshadows upcoming plots.

52:42 – 52:57

In this scene the music suddenly changes, the wife is complaining to her husband about why he is always working and not with her.

The melody suddenly changes to a playful tune, the rhythm went faster, we hear some staccatos of strings combined with flute, feels lively and suggests a easy daily life scene and the wife being unsatisfied with her husband. They are not arguing, just undergoing a little bit of quarrel.

The playful tune suggests the happiness and tranquility of the beginning of their marriage has changed into the stage with little quarrels.

52:57 – 53:23

The wife is becoming more unsatisfied with the husband, blaming him for always attacking on politics.

The strings staccatos and fast rhythms are in atonal and dissonant tones and chords, suggests a quarrelsome mood. And some tremolo like ascending dissonant sound suggests their relationship is becoming ajar. The rhythm is getting faster as their argument progresses.

The music combined with the plot makes the audiences feel that the couple is having more and more arguments and their relationship is more and more toward an edge just like the dissonant music.

53:23 – 53:42

It is in another breakfast scene, their tension grow, the husband is cold-faced toward his wife.

The rhythm is not as fast as before, has slowed own a bit. More low registered sound is being deployed, probably oboe and strings in a minor scale.

The low registered sound and the progressively faster tempo at the end of this scene suggests to audiences that the tension between these two are growing.

53:42 – 53:50

In this breakfast scene they are being more unsatisfied toward each other and does not have much patience.

The pitch is even lower then the previous scene, probably French horn or some other woodwind with low sound is being used.

The very low pitch of this scene suggests to audiences that the relationship between these two are coming to an ice point.

53:50 – 54:18

In this breakfast scene, the two people does not have further arguments or quarrels, but ceased talking to each other, staring at the newspaper silently.

The pitch here is not as low as before, but deployed strings with minor chords and dissonant notes which sounds weirdly, in accordance with the married couple who do not talk to each other during breakfast, but just stare at the newspaper.

The dissonant and light sound of strings suggests that although the couple is married, but their love has changed and faded, and the relatively light sound suggests no arguments are needed, the relationship is coming to a deadend.

  • The following is some questions that you can explore and analysis and include in the powerpoint presentation
  • does your movie have an original score, or some kind of compilation score? if a compilation score, why do you think the filmmaker chose these particular songs?
  • if an original score, why is this musical style appropriate, or even necessary, to this film?
  • what are the unconventional aspects, if any, to the use of music?
  • to what extent is the music inaudible and invisible?
  • is the music mostly nondiegetic, source music, or somewhere inbetween?
  • how does the music enhance the continuity of your film? is it ever used under actual montage?
  • how would your movie be different without the music? how would it be less of an experience?
  • what instrument(s) is (are) involved, and how are the sounds appropriate to the film?
  • how does the music mediate between the film and the viewer?
  • does the music function more to enhance mood and setting, or more as a function of character development and narrative?
  • how closely is the music coordinated to the action onscreen?
  • what “cultural codes,” if any, does your score use, and for what purpose?
  • does your score refer to any “exotic” cultures or places?

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