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GLBL 100 Human Rights in Haiti Essay

GLBL 100 Human Rights in Haiti Essay

GLBL 100 Human Rights in Haiti Essay

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Final Paper: Outline and Instructions





Word count (not including references)

Section 1: Introduction and background ~25% of paper

1. Identify a global problem affecting a country of your choice to analyze.

a. Define, contextualize, and explain the problem.

b. Whom does it affect, how does it affect them, etc.

2. Explain what makes this problem “global”.

a. This is a chance to point out the role of global commodity chains, global narratives, etc.’s role in your problems. It happens lots of places” is an okay start, but insufficient; we’re interested in seeing global connections

Section 2: Connections to course modules ~40% of paper

This is the meat of your paper. Be sure to go into detail on the connections to the modules. In other words, state why the global problem connects to the module; then use your sources as evidence to support your claim. Think of the global problem as the common thread that links the modules together. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. The citations from class/outside sources are meant to support your claim.

1. Choose two (or three, if you’re expansive) modules from class to connect this problem to.

a. What are the connections between the problem and Module A? (2-3 citations)

b. What are the connections between the problem and Module B? (2-3 citations)

c. What are the connections between the problem and Module C? [optional]

Section 3: Interventions ~20% of paper

This is where you can demonstrate your research skills. You might have some of this information from class wikis; you might need to search a bit more. Be sure to parse out the difference between how the problem is addressed locally and how it is addressed globally.

1. How is the problem being addressed, both in your country and globally?

a. Who are the various actors addressing it (i.e. governments, NGOs, international bodies, academics, etc.)

b. How do the methods differ among the various actors?

c. Are any steps to address the problem proving successful? Why or why not?

Section 4: If I were in charge… ~15% of paper

The previous section should flow naturally into this section. If the interventions mentioned in Section 3 are successful, yet this global problem still exists, what can be done to expand on them? If they are not successful, what can be done instead?

1. What is the proper way to solve this problem? Is it even solvable? What would happen to fix it in a perfect world, and what is keeping it from happening in this world?

2. If it isn’t solvable, what should happen to improve things?

Concluding paragraph

Highlight the main takeaway you would like your reader to have after reading your paper. Provide a roadmap that highlights what you did in this paper.


1. You must use at least 5 sources in your paper. They can include a mix of class readings, non-class readings, academic papers, popular journalism, public data/statistics, etc.

2. This is a guide for how to write the paper. You don’t need to follow the above perfectly, but you should make an effort to include the basic structure and all the ideas above in your paper.

3. Papers should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words

4. Direct quotes should be <5% of your final paper

Part 1:

1.Global Problem: Human rights problem in Haiti that causes the inequality between men and women. It affects the society deeply and not only affects the adults in Haiti but also children in Haiti. Child labor is also a really importnat problem in Haiti. Different organizations are trying to solve the problem by starting a lot of programs.

2.This problem is global because in today’s world human rights issue is a very common issue in the developing countries. If the country keeps having the human rights problem that will lead to the development of the country. As the problem rises in the world, solving this problem globally is an important way to help the country develop.

Part 2:

It connects to the Module Human rights and Wealth and Poverty. Haiti has the problem connect to these two modules because Haiti faced Human rights problems and these problems are related to wealth and poverty in the country.

Part 3:

Beaudet, P. (2012). Globalization and Development. Chapter 6 in Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Actors and Issues. Oxford University Press. pp. 107-124. (sociology)

Human rights by country. (n.d.). Retrieved March 28, 2021, from…

Fedorak, S. A. (2014). Chapter 3: International aid: What benefits do NGOs provide developing countries, and how can their presence generate new challenges? Global issues: A cross-cultural perspective (First ed., pp. 31-42). North York, ON: University of Toronto Press. (interdisciplinary textbook)

WEYL, E., White, J., Sitrin, S., & Gerstein, B. (2018, February 13). Sponsor an immigrant yourself. Retrieved March 13, 2021, from…

Guest, K. J. (2014). Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age.

World report 2020: RIGHTS trends in Haiti. (2020, January 14). Retrieved April 08, 2021, from…

Part 4:

I think this problem is really important in today’s society. We think everyone is equal so I think the human rights problem should be aware to all of us.

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