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George Washington University Negotiation Deals and Whistleblowing Questions

George Washington University Negotiation Deals and Whistleblowing Questions

George Washington University Negotiation Deals and Whistleblowing Questions


  • Responsive Journal #4: Negotiation
  • Reflecting on the in-class activity “Ugli Orange” and the conflict management styles inventory we completed, please answer the following in a thoughtful way. Use complete sentences and proper grammar. Be sure to refer to principles and concepts you learned in the course content for this topic, particularly the slides. Each response should be about a paragraph. Please number your responses to correspond with the questions.
    1. What was your initial strategy? Describe it in terms of the negotiation strategies we discussed in class. Were you more concerned about the relationship or the issue? Why?
    2. What information was shared during the negotiation? Was there full disclosure? How did your approach change based on how much information was disclosed?
    3. Did you trust the other person? Why or why not? How satisfied were you with the result? Why? Were you a trustworthy person in the negotiation? Why or why not?
    4. What was the most important point you learned from this negotiation exercise? When you find yourself in a situation where you need to negotiate, what will you do differently as a result of this exercise? If the answer is “nothing,” please explain.
    5. What is your main conflict management style? What do you think this means for you when you are faced with a conflict at work? What will you do differently now that you know about the importance of situational considerations when you are handling conflicts?

    Responsive Journal #5: Deals and Whistleblowing

  • Reflection on the Manager’s Hot Seat Video.
    1. Case 2: Let’s Make a Fourth Quarter DealURL: this case. What were the character players each trying to do? What were the ethical concerns? Were there potential legal issues? How would this case be applicable in a public health setting? (one had to do with public health anyway)2. Case 5: Whistleblowing: Code Red or Red Ink?URL:
    Summarize this case. What were the character players each trying to do? What were the ethical concerns? Were there potential legal issues? How would this case be applicable in a public health setting? (one had to do with public health anyway)Your analysis of each must include some keywords, phrases, concepts and talking points from the PPT and our class interactions.
  • Makeup Journal A: Ethic
  • please repeat the question prior to answering and answer in complete sentences. If you are not detailed, you will be asked to edit or receive a lower grade.For this journal, think about how laws and ethics inter-relate and how at times some activities can seem to be legal but not ethical or ethical but not legal. In relation to that, consider the following questions:
  • The amendments in the Bill of Rights include the freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly (First Amendment); the right to keep and bear arms (Second Amendment); the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizure (Fourth Amendment); and the right to due process, equal protection and just compensation for private property taken for public use (Fifth Amendment). Choose two of these amendments and discuss what public health activities might be constrained or limited by the amendment you selected.
    1. The Tenth Amendment focuses on the capacity of the states to regulate behavior and enforce order for the betterment of the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the people. This is also known as “police powers.” List two activities related to public health that are generally covered under this amendment. What constitutional limits are place on government actions related to public health? What constitutional case lead to these limitations? Why are these boundaries in place?
    2. Why is familiarity with the law important in any occupation? Is there a difference between law, personal morals, and ethics?
  • Makeup Journal B: Finance, Fundraising, and Ethics
    Please complete the Finance and Economics Module in the Course Content Folder. All questions in this reflection must be repeated and answered fully, demonstrating analytical thinking.Please watch at least 40 minutes of the documentary, “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” To access this movie on the GMU database, please go to the Libraries Tab at the top of Blackboard. Click on Databases by Subject on the left-hand side. Then choose Letter F. Click on Films on Demand and then enter your GMU login credentials. Type Pink Ribbons in the search bar, and the film will come up. The transcript is also available.Please answer the journal fully, with good grammar, and in completely sentences. Please number your responses to correlate with the questions. 1. What was meant in the documentary as the “tyranny of cheerfullness”? Why aren’t women encouraged to “be angry” about breast cancer? Why is putting a “pretty pink face” on breast cancer a problem? Is it helpful?2. What did this film demonstrate regarding the intersection of fundraising, materialism, commercialism, and capitalism?3. What is perceived as being mismanaged with all of these funds raised for breast cancer research? Where is the money going? Could the money be allocated differently? How?4. Did the film make you see the pink ribbon campaign differently? How? What is one pink ribbon item that you have purchased, if any, in the past year or so? Do you remember how it was marketed? (For example, maybe the sign just said “purchases support breast cancer research”). 5. How do campaigns such as these complicate public funding for and donations to public health organizations?(You can also access the film online, via subscription services, etc.)
  • Makeup Journal C: Discrimination Case
    Each portion must be completed in complete sentences. Repeat the question or statement and answer fully, demonstrating critical thinking and analysis.1. Google/Research: Griggs v. Duke Power Co. 401 U.S. 424 (1971)2. Summarize the case in one paragraph.3. What did Duke Power say their intent was as an employer?4. Did the court agree with the employer or the employee? What was the outcome?5. How does this case set “precedence” for other discrimination cases? 6. What should employers be aware of, based on this legal case?
  • Makeup Journal D: Workplace ScenariosPlease reflect on the following videos:Video 1: Dealing with Emotions at Work: Did the manager deal with the issue effectively and appropriately?2. What is your view of the procedure followed?3. What is your view of the outline?4. What would you have done differently?Video 2: The Office – Sensitivity Training What went on during this “training”?2. What SHOULD be included instead in an office-wide sensitivity training?Video 3: The Office – Ethics Meeting What went on during this meeting?2. How should ethics investigation happen?3. Are any of the “confessions” business ethics violations?4. How would you, as a manager, do this differently?Video 4: The Office – Diversity in the Workplace What did you think about Michael’s “management” exercise for diversity?2. Did he have the right idea, in theory, or is this an inappropriate exercise for the workplace? Explain. 3. If you could use this type of exercise in a workplace, what guidelines could you set? 4. What would be a similar but better way to construct an activity like this?

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