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Essex County College Environmental and Climatic Implications of Globalization Essay

Essex County College Environmental and Climatic Implications of Globalization Essay

Essex County College Environmental and Climatic Implications of Globalization Essay


It’s 2 parts

1- First part initial post and 2 replies (( How is your project coming along? What are you working on? No later than Friday, 4/22, post a short summary of your plans for the project. This can include indicating the question you are working on (review the assignment guidelines), but should also include a general overview of your plans for the answer! This can be brief, but think about what you hope to communicate by the end of the paper, and let us know what that is.

You should also respond to a classmate’s post no later than Wednesday, 4/27. Look for posts where classmates may have asked for help. Do you have a suggestion for a source? Do you have a suggestion for a good writing or research resource? Can you suggest any ideas for examples, counterarguments, or course readings they can consider? ))

2- Second Part It’s the project

A- i attached The Projects_Lecture Slide.

B- a link for a video you should watch ( Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software – 24 March 2022 )

C- I will send you the articles that my professor gives us during the semester of the comments.


D- details about the project

Project Due Date: May 8th 2022

Part 1: Project Requirements

As the course syllabus indicates, all senior seminars involve independent research. This semester, you are to complete a 6-8 page, double-spaced (12 point, standard font; excluding references and title pages) research paper. Keep the following in mind when preparing to write:

  • Papers must include course texts. Conduct bibliographic research to supplement your response to the question and/or your point of view, but also consider making use of the fiction/non-fiction we have read to illustrate a point or an idea. Does a certain character exemplify your claim or social phenomenon? Does the way an author writes demonstrate your idea or data from a social/scientific investigation?
  • Papers must include at least three secondary sources which you find on your own. These should be appropriate to the task and to college-level writing. This means, for example, that your sources are
  1. reliable, and from reputable places. Does the source have an author? Has the piece been written for a recognized institution that must remain credible and accurate (eg: academic journal, news organization, government website)? To ensure this requirement for your source is met, avoid blogs, YouTube videos, articles without an author, and random websites publishing content that does not appear to be carefully researched. You must be able to evaluate the reliability and trustworthiness of your own source carefully.
  2. appropriate for a college-level paper., Wikipedia, and other encyclopedia-type sources may be helpful for you in starting your research, but these kinds of sources do not belong in college-level writing.

Part 2: Project Guidelines

OPTION 1: What is the biggest challenge faced by an increasingly interconnected, global world? What role do global cities play in the challenge – do they help? Or deepen the challenges, making situations worse? How have the texts assigned this semester helped to define, exemplify, or offer solutions for the challenge you’ve chosen to focus on for this project? In this paper, you should research and write about a challenge or problem, consider its relationship to global cities, and explain how it connects with texts we’ve read this semester. Refer to the general guidelines above to make sure your project meets the requirements.

OPTION 2: Visual arts – painting, sculpture, photography – can often convey feelings and perception about social issues. Globalization is no exception to this phenomenon, and in fact, various aspects of globalization have inspired many works of visual art. (Consider, for example, Gupta’s sculpture introduced in our Module 1 lecture (Links to an external site.) around 11:05, or An Immigrant’s Journey (Links to an external site.), from Module 3, featuring photographs by John Moore!) In this paper, you should find examples of visual art that connect with ideas and texts presented through some of our coursework. It’s important to find a specific focus (ie migration, or poverty, or climate change, etc), drawing on our readings or videos to develop your discussion of it. Then, provide examples of visual art you researched, including images and your narrative description of how/why they’re connected to your focus. Note this paper should be slightly longer than the page count specified in the requirements to account for the inclusion of images!

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