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ENGL100 College of San Mateo The Scarlet Thread of Redemption Questions

ENGL100 College of San Mateo The Scarlet Thread of Redemption Questions

ENGL100 College of San Mateo The Scarlet Thread of Redemption Questions


Source: The New King James Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Questions about The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

To demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of the Bible and its significant events,

please type up and printout your answers to the following questions on separate paper and

bring them to class for discussion. Questions are arranged by bold, sectional subheads. I’ll

collect your typed responses after our class discussion and grade. (5 pts. possible)


1. According to the text of The Scarlett Thread of Redemption, the Bible is primarily a book

of what for whom?

2. How is the meaning of “redemption” two-fold?

3. What did the “redemptive atonement of Christ” entail? How did God respond to it?

The Creation and the Fall

4. Why did Adam and Eve “fall” in the Garden of Eden? Explain what you know.

5. What is symbolized by God making Adam and Eve tunics of skin despite the fact that

they had already fashioned coverings for themselves from fig leaves?

6. Who made the first sacrifice for forgiveness of sin?

From the Seventh Day in Eden to the Call of Abraham

7. How does the notion that “the ‘Seed’ of the woman would bruise Satan’s head speak of

the cross of Calvary?

8. Why did Cain kill Abel?

9. Seth, the second of Eve’s sons, is said to have been “a man of faith.” What was Cain

said to be?

10. What was the effect of Seth’s progeny marrying Cain’s progeny?

11. The “select” family of God (Noah’s descendants) was commissioned to do what?

12. Why did Noah’s descendants scheme to build a tower that would “reach the heavens”?

13. When God looked down upon them, what did he see, and then do? To what effect?

From the Call of Abraham Through the Times of the Judges

14. What had the whole world been plunged into when God called Abram?

15. Abram responded to God’s call to go into a foreign country “In obedience and” what?

16. What did Abraham name the son God miracuously granted to him and Sarah?

17. Which of Isaac’s two sons was eventually renamed Israel?

18. Joseph, Jacob’s son, and a leader in Egypt, brought Jacob’s entire family to Egypt, but

when a new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph took power, what happened?

Source: The New King James Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers.

19. Why did the Lord God raise up Moses?

20. What did the Lord God look for during His Passover miracle to spare His people?

21. This way of salvation, through innocent blood, prefigures whom?

22. What happened at Mt. Horeb?

23. The scouts sent out to spy on Jericho were saved by what? and by whom?

From the First of the Prophets to the Founding of the Kingdom

24. If God anointed judges but Israel complained and asked for a king, what’s this imply?

25. Why was King Saul replaced by David?

David and the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

26. Did David follow God’s Will?

27. Who was Solomon? What happened upon his death?

28. What were the names of the two kingdoms? What happened to these kingdoms?

29. From the Babylonian captivity came three great establishments that blessed our world.

What are they?

From the Prophets to the Christ to the Preaching of Paul

30. In the agonizing days of Israel and Judah, prophets began making what prediction?

31. What did Israel and Judah’s leaders depict about the coming Redeemer?

32. What empires arose in the 400 year period between the Old and New Testaments?

33. God used the Hellenistic period for what?

34. Through whose Seed did Christ the Savior come from?

35. What does Pentecost signify?

36. Before Pentecost the apostles preached “the messiah is coming.” After Pentecost what

did the apostles preach?

The Apocalypse and the Consummation of the Age

37. What is the Apocalypse?

38. According to Revelation, what happens after John is taken up to heaven?

39. What occurs during the great Judgment Day of Almighty God?

40. What happens after Satan is bound for a thousand years?

41. After Satan and his minions are purged from the earth, what happens to the earth?

42. How does the Bible close?

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